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Handbook Narrative factuality (International conference)

6. Juli 2017, 14:00 - 8. Juli 2017, 13:00

Thursday, 6 July 2017, 14.00-18.45: Haus zur Lieben Hand, Löwenstraße 16, 79098 Freiburg
Friday, 7 July 2017, 9.00-19.00, &
Saturday, 8 July 2017, 9.00-13.00: FRIAS, Albertstraße 19, 79104 Freiburg



Following on the recent interest in fictionality in the de Gruyter Handbuch Fiktionalität (Klauk/Köppe 2014), the forthcoming handbook on fictionality edited by Ralf Schneider and the work done in Aarhus by Henrik Skov Nielsen and Stefan Iversen (see their co-edited paper together with Richard Walsh and James Phelan as “Ten Theses about Fictionality” in the first issue of Narrative in 2015), the graduate school “Factual and Fictional Narration” (GRK 1767) in Freiburg has decided to emphasize their analysis of factual narratives and to put together a complementary handbook focusing on narrative factuality.

The main idea for this handbook is to provide conceptual and historical background for the notions of the real, the factual, the authentic, etc. and to then pose the question of how these notions impact on narration. The handbook will be divided into two main parts: a first part concentrating on concepts and their practical deployment in narrative texs; and a second part discussing issues and problems that are raised in the context of narrative factuality in its inevitable relationship to fictionality.

As a consequence of its origin in the graduate school and the disciplinary alignment of narratology with the humanities, the handbook will cater for an audience of humanities scholars and students rather than scientists or philosophers. The main intention is to provide information about how disciplines outside the humanities conceptualize the real, truth, authenticity and so on, and to do so on a level of discourse that is comprehensible to readers in the humanities. Besides considering the conceptual variety in other disciplines outside the philologies and especially narratology, the handbook additionally attempts to extend the discussion to non-European narratives and non-European cultural and scientific traditions, though it can hope to do so only in a preliminary manner.


Thursday, 6 July 2017
Haus zur Lieben Hand (Löwenstraße 16, großer Saal)

14.00–15.00Conference registration & Coffee
15.00–15.15Welcome and Introduction
by Monika Fludernik & Marie-Laure Ryan

15.15–15.30Coffee break
Format C
Session I (Plenary): Factual vs. Fictional Narrative
Chair: Matías Martínez
32 Stephan Packard: Factualities and their Dependence on the Concept of the Fictional
10 Monika Fludernik:Factual Narration in Narratology
11 Marie-Laure Ryan: Factuality vs. Fictionality in Different Media
39 Françoise Lavocat: Do Signposts of Factuality Exist? The Puzzling Case of Literary Hoaxes
Format A
Session II (Plenary): Cultural and Historical Diversity
Chair: Stefan Tilg
35 Margalit Finkelberg: The Factual in Antiquity
36 Eva von Contzen: Diachrony – The Factual in the Middle Ages
53 Victor Mair / Ashley Liu: History in Pre-Modern China: Nature, Function and Relation to Narrative Fiction
54 Michael Watson: Japanese Ancient Narratives and the Problem of Referentiality and Factuality

Friday, 7 July 2017
FRIAS (Albertstraße 19, Seminarraum, ground floor) &
Rechenzentrum (Hermann-Herder-Straße 10, room 112, first floor)

Format B
Session III (Plenary): Philosophical Approaches and Theories of Reference
Chair: Werner Frick
02 Markus Gabriel: Facts and Realism in Philosophy ABS
23 Tobias Klauk: Philosophical Theories of Truth ABS
26 Wolfgang Freitag: Reference in Philosophy
27 Daniel Jacob: Reference in Linguistics
28 Tilmann Köppe: Reference in Literature/Literary Studies ABS
24 Remigius Bunia: Truth in Literary Studies/Literary Theory ABS
FRIAS, Lounge
Coffee break
Format A
Session IV (i) — parallel with Session V (first half)
Cultural and Historical Diversity
Chair: Eva von Contzen
37 Nicolas Detering / Christian Meierhofer: Diachrony – The Factual in the Early Modern Period
57 Luitgard Soni ABS / Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber: Fact(uality), Reality and Truth in Classical Indian Culture
52 Clarissa Vierke: The Factual Outside the West – A Case Study from Africa
56 Isabel Toral-Niehoff: Factual Narrative in the Arab World
55 Bo Utas / Mohsen Ashtiany: Persian Narrative ABS
Format C
Session IV (ii) — parallel with Session V (second half)
Factuality and its Others
Chair: Monika Fludernik
38 Mark J.P. Wolf: Typology of the Non-Factual
41 Michael Sinding: Metaphor, Supposition, Allegory and Satire – How Factual Is It?
01 Irina Rajewsky: Theories of Fictionality and their Real Other
42 Frank Zipfel: Panfictionality
48 Dorothee Birke: Is Factuality in the Eye of the Beholder?
Format A
→ IX
Session V — parallel with Session IV (i) & Session IV (ii)
Factuality in Different Disciplines and Sciences
Chair: Johannes Franzen
04 Richard Gerrig / Janelle Gagnon: The Factual in Psychology ABS
03 Carl Eduard Scheidt: Factual Narrative and the Real in Therapy and Psychoanalysis
14 Hella Dietz: The Factual in Sociology ABS
08 Stephan Jaeger: Facts in Historiography/Historical Study
15 Gregor Dobler: Factual Narratives in Ethnology and Anthropology
16 Bernhard Kleeberg: Factual Narration in Economics ABS
FRIAS, Lounge
Lunch Buffet
Format A
Panel VI — parallel with Panel VII
The Rhetoric of Factuality: Literary Questions
Chair: Andreas Gelz
43 Elisabeth Korthals Altes: Frames of Reference and Generic Framing ABS
22 Matías Martínez: Authenticity in Narratology and in Literary Studies
09 Stein Haugom Olsen: Realism, Verisimilitude and the Factual in Literature ABS
33 Anders Petterson: Literariness and Factuality
50 Johannes Franzen: Factuality and Convention
Format B
Panel VII — parallel with Panel VI
Factuality and Narrative in Different Discourses
(Hermann-Herder-Str. 10, room 112, first floor)
Chair: Dustin Breitenwischer
19 Musolff: Factual Narrative and Truth in Politics
20 Stern: Factuality, Evidence and Truth in Factual Narratives in the Law
21 Freeman: Authenticity in Sociology and Psychology ABS
25 Mauz: Truth in Religion and in Genres of Religious Narratives
18 Adorisio: The Factual Validity of Storytelling Practices in Business ABS
FRIAS, Lounge
Coffee break
Format A
→ X
Panel VIII (Plenary)
Literatures, Styles, and Genres

Chair: Jean-Marie Schaeffer
49 James Phelan: Factuality and Ethics – Ethics of Factuality? ABS
34 Henrik Skov Nielsen: The Rise of Fictionality and Literary Realism ABS
44 Stefan Iversen: Undermining Factuality – Autofiction and other Modes of Evacuating the Factual ABS
45 Nicholas Paige: Pseudo-Factuality
47 Jan-Noël Thon: Documentary Narrative – Fictionalized Documentary and Authenticity
Colombi Hotel, Rotteckring 16
Conference Dinner

Saturday, 8 July 2017
FRIAS (Albertstraße 19, Seminarraum, ground floor) &
Rechenzentrum (Hermann-Herder-Straße 10, room 112, first floor)

Format A
→ V
Panel IX — parallel with Panel X
Chair: Marie-Laure Ryan
05 Catherine Milne: Empiricism and the Factual
06 Richard Walsh: The Narration of Scientific Facts
31 Veronika Lipphardt: Narrative in the Biological Sciences ABS
29 Richard Zymner: Evidentiality in Linguistics and/or Rhetoric ABS
51 Marco Caracciolo: Factuality and Normativity/Cognitivism ABS
Format A
Panel X — parallel with Panel IX
Factuality in Different Media
Chair: Stephan Packard
07 Karl Renner: Facts and Factual Narration in Journalism
17 Patrick Galke: Economic Narratives in Journalism ABS
46 Elsa Simoes Lucas Freitas: The Real or Factual in Advertisements ABS
13 Florian Mundhenke: The Real and Factuality in Film
12 Janina Wildfeuer: Facts, the Real and Factuality in Various Modalities ABS
FRIAS, Lounge
Coffee & Snack break
Final Discussion Panel
Chair: Werner Frick
Christine Ott (Frankfurt)
Jean-Marie Schaeffer (Paris)
Ursula Schaefer (Dresden/Freiburg)
Andreas Buchleitner (Freiburg)
Jens Brockmeier (Paris)


Format A
The preparatory study group which will read all the papers for that session will generate a series of questions which will be transmitted to the panelists. The Chair will focus the discussion on the examination of the problems and issues raised in these questions. Sessions that refer to one another are supposed to have the same list of questions.

Format B
Panelists are asked to provide a brief maximally five-minute attempt at definition of the key terms (truth, reference, fact, factuality etc.) from the perspective of their disciplines. The audience, including the study group that has read the papers, then gets the chance to ask questions and refer to points raised in the papers submitted by the panellists.

Format C
Panellists summarize the main points or arguments of their papers in 10 minutes each and the chair then moderates the discussion between panellists and the audience. Among the audience the members of the study group who have read all the papers of the session will be particularly active.


    1. Mohsen Ashtiany
    2. Dorothee Birke
    3. Arianna Borrelli
    4. Dustin Breitenwischer
    5. Jens Brockmeier
    6. Andreas Buchleitner
    7. Remigius Bunia
    8. Marco Caracciolo
    9. Eva von Contzen
    10. Nicolas Detering
    11. Hella Dietz
    12. Gregor Dobler
    13. Margalit Finkelberg
    14. Monika Fludernik
    15. Johannes Franzen
    16. Mark Freeman
    17. Wolfgang Freitag
    18. Werner Frick
    1. Markus Gabriel
    2. Janelle Gagnon
    3. Patrick Galke
    4. Andreas Gelz
    5. Richard Gerrig
    6. Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber
    7. Stefan Iversen
    8. Daniel Jacob
    9. Stephan Jaeger
    10. Tobias Klauk
    11. Bernhard Kleeberg
    12. Tilmann Köppe
    13. Elisabeth Korthals Altes
    14. Françoise Lavocat
    15. Veronika Lipphardt
    16. Ashley Liu
    17. Victor Mair
    18. Matías Martínez
    1. Andreas Mauz
    2. Christian Meierhofer
    3. Catherine Milne
    4. Florian Mundhenke
    5. Anna Linda Musacchio Adorisio
    6. Andreas Musolff
    7. Henrik Skov Nielsen
    8. Stein Haugom Olsen
    9. Christine Ott
    10. Stephan Packard
    11. Nicholas Paige
    12. Anders Pettersson
    13. James Phelan
    14. Irina Rajewsky
    15. Karl Renner
    16. Marie-Laure Ryan
    17. Ursula Schaefer
    18. Carl Eduard Scheidt
    1. Elsa Simoes Lucas Freitas
    2. Michael Sinding
    3. Luitgard Soni
    4. Simon Stern
    5. Jan-Noël Thon
    6. Isabel Toral-Niehoff
    7. Bo Utas
    8. Clarissa Vierke
    9. Richard Walsh
    10. Michael Watson
    11. Janina Wildfeuer
    12. Mark J.P. Wolf
    13. Frank Zipfel
    14. Rüdiger Zymner

Venue information

Albertstraße 19
79104 Freiburg
2. Haus zur lieben Hand
Löwenstraße 16
79098 Freiburg
3. Rechenzentrum
Hermann-Herder-Straße 10
79104 Freiburg
4. Central Hotel
Wasserstraße 6
79098 Freiburg
5. City Hotel
Weberstraße 3
79098 Freiburg
6. Hotel am Rathaus
Rathausgasse 4-8
79098 Freiburg

7. Park Hotel Post
Eisenbahnstrasse 35-37
79098 Freiburg
Colombi Hotel
Rotteckring 16
79098 Freiburg


6. Juli 2017, 14:00
8. Juli 2017, 13:00